Little Moments of Thankfulness

This morning as the news is saturated with Sandy Hook details, I am reminded once again of how lucky I am to have every moment with my family. Man-cub changed his shirt twice this morning, which surprised me. When I asked him why, he said,”Well I realized I was wearing a white shirt and white pants…and I’m a white kid. Too much white!” I laughed but secretly I said a prayer thanking God for every single second I get with this kid. I tried to tell him in the car on the way to school how much he means to me and for once the words wouldn’t come. He told me that he realized I would never have time to fully express how much I loved him, because it would take too long. I think he gets me. That is a rare thing indeed.

Kristen Lamb’s books on social networking are one of the reasons I have this blog to begin with. Super friendly and just as nice in person, Kristen is a (friendly) force to be reckoned with in the writing community. Follow her blog and you will learn a lot!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Nobody likes a braggart, but all of us want to brag…at least a little. As we writers move into the Digital Age publishing paradigm, we often find ourselves in the position of having to market. Ah, but here’s the pickle. If we toot our horns too much, we can risk turning others off.

I’ve been coaching writers for social media success for quite some time, and I tend to see two distinct camps on the social media front—Obnoxious Ollie and Super Secret Susan.

Obnoxious Ollie

Obnoxious Ollie is easy to spot. Who could miss this guy? He has four different Twitter identities, so he can tell us how awesome his books are four times MORE. This guy is everywhere on social media (and often automated). His tweets generally look something like this:

@OllieAuthor Man of the Year is hailed as the best book since the Bible. If you…

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