War Eagle Women is Finally Ready!

Finally, War Eagle Women, my first novel, is scheduled for release Wednesday, November 27.

I remember reading somewhere that writing a book is like having a baby. Since I’ve had three babies, I “pshawed” at that expression. (I’m sure there is a way to spell “pshaw” but it’s really just a mocking noise, so please use your imagination.)

Now I know: It’s so true.

Almost a year after I became very serious about finding a publisher, it’s finally happening. It was almost a year! I wrote War Eagle Women (the first draft) about 5 years ago, so this has been a very long process. Many of you were there at the beginning and remember. Thank you for your support and help through this arduous, trying, frustrating, wonderful, fabulous journey.

Writing a story is a lot like pregnancy. It’s uncomfortable. I’ve been nauseated. I gained weight, cried, loss sleep, ate weird types of ice cream and procured some pretty impressive stretch marks.

Ok the stretch marks thing is unrelated, but everything else is spot on.

I even had false labor a few times, where I thought an agent/publisher (based on their feedback/interest) wanted my book, only to be disappointed (and sent back home/to my office) to try again.

However, this time is the real deal! I have my bag packed and the labor pains are killing me.

And yes, I’m already thinking about the next one.

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