5 Reasons to Let Dads Have Bro Time




Don’t take this the wrong way, but your husband needs a good bromance (not to be confused with a bad romance ala Lady Gaga style). It’s a lot of pressure being a husband and dad. I call myself a feminist and I still say this: no matter what goes down in your house, sooner or later, the buck stops with Dad.
Does your husband love your company? Does he love being a dad? Does he STILL need friends outside of your marriage? YES. He does.
Here are 5 reasons why dads need bro time.
1. He needs guys to talk guy stuff with. I mean, as interesting as I personally find Minecraft, I (generously) allow my Hubby to chat with his Minecraft buddies about their favorite pasttime. Confession time: part of the reason is my own selfishness. I just can’t get that excited about the latest “mossy rock” find…but there are plenty of guys who get super jazzed about it. It would be criminal to not give them a chance to explore their passion.
2. He needs to reconnect with his manly maleness. As Brad Paisley says, “I’ll pour out my heart, hold your hand in the car..but remember, I’m still a guy.” Sometimes the only way to elevate the necessary level of testosterone is to be in the same room with other male types.This is especially true if your hubby lives in an estrogen-dominated houshold. It’s a scientific fact, ok?
3. It gives you time to do girly stuff. He’s not there to tell you NOT to get a massage, is he? Well…now’s your chance. Ok, maybe not a massage, but at the very least you can squeeze in a quick bubble bath–candles and romance paperback, optional.
4. You need a chance to show the kids YOU can be the fun parent once in a while. Admit it–usually Dad is deemed “the fun one.” Take this opportunity to take the kids to a muppet movie or play waterguns with them in the backyard–unless you live in Alaska and it’s wintertime. Then skip the waterguns.
5. He needs time to miss you. How can he miss you if you’re never apart? After spending all day huntin’, fishin’, or Minecraftin’, chances are he’s ready for some time around your perfumy self.
So encourage your guy to hang out with his bros this weekend. You’ll be glad you did!

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