5 Reasons To Have Your Morning Coffee. No, really.

coffee in arkansasWe all know that coffee is the nectar of the gods. Whoever first thought to roast and grind fresh coffee beans, in my opinion, deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t have any tangible proof, but I’m pretty sure that many life-changing decisions are made over coffee. Here’s 5 reasons to go ahead and have that yummy coffee this morning.

1. Black coffee alone has almost no calories. It’s yummy black deliciousness. What’s not to love? And if you brew it at home, it’s so stinking cheap anyone can afford it. In fact, you can’t really afford NOT to, because…
2. According to the Huffington Post, coffee lowers your chance for Type 2 Diabetes. apparently, the more the better!
3. Having a cup of coffee in the morning before you hit the ground running allows you to steal a moment of peace before the insanity begins. Take a sip and plan your day.
4. It lowers your risk of death. Studies held by the New England Journal of Medicine show that more coffee consumption extended the life span of its participants. My theory is that coffee drinkers know their weakness and just do it already. Having a cup of coffee is a chance to recharge the battery and refocus on tasks needed to be done.
5. Let’s just face it: in my house, Mama’s consumption of coffee really ensures the health and well-being of EVERYONE PRESENT.

So go ahead and get your java on, girl! It’s a matter of life and death!

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