Seriously? I have jury duty on my first day of summer vacation?


This morning I have to go to jury duty. I’m super excited about this (not).

At first, I almost had a heart attack because it came in letter form (and not in the typical yellow card style) from the city and all I could see through the plastic window was “You are SUMMONED and COMMANDED.” I about wet my pants because it looked like I was being sued or something.

I mean, good luck to anyone who wants to sue us because the only things we have worth anything are Nate’s rusty bike and the broken fish tank which contains one angry angel fish named Sid from Toy Story. Sid just keeps growing and it’s kind of creeping me out because I feel any day now he’s gonna bust out and eat me.

Back to the jury duty thing: because it’s a “Petit Jury Summons” I’m even more annoyed. Don’t I deserve the right to go to a regular sized jury? I mean, I’m claustrophobic here.

Anyway, it’s probably someone who got a speeding ticket. Holy cow–I hope it’s not anyone I know. This is kind of a small town. Don’t worry, I’m gonna notice every detail so that in case I want to become the next John Grisham.
Have you ever received a jury duty summons? I think they have our name on their preferred customer list because my hubby gets jury duty at least every 3 months and so does my daughter. It’s crazy.
I hope it’s something exciting–like a high-speed chase or something like that. The last time Hubby had to go to jury duty it was something lame like a guy who urinated in public or something. I’ll tell you this: after they pay me their juror fee, I am treating myself to a nice dinner at Wendy’s and I’m not even gonna think twice about it.