Mother’s day…blah blah blah

So cute!

all things messy...

So it’s almost Mother’s Day…again.  I’ll be frank with you, this is definitely not my favorite holiday.  Yes, I know, it’s all about us, all about the sacrifices we’ve made, the long hours, the sleepless nights…and a lunch and some cards are supposed to acknowledge that? (please note sarcasm and humor here folks)


Let’s be real, all I really want is a relaxing day…and if someone decides to put on a small skit about how much I mean to this family and how it would all fall apart without me and that I’ve changed their lives for the better and they’re all sorry for what they put me through on a daily basis…well, then I think that would be ok too.


While I was looking for a gift for my own mother on Etsy earlier this week, I noticed that there were some hilarious cards for just such…

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