5 Things I Learned As A Military Wife

My hubby, The Engineer, and I, met when we were mere toddlers. Ok, a bit older, but not much–I was 15 and he was 16. We began dating when I was 17, and the second I turned 18 we got married. Ah–so young…ah, so dumb. BUT we are still here–all these years later, and Memorial Day, as well as Veterans’ Day always reminds me of those years when he enlisted in the Navy.

There will be lots of posts about reverence for the military this weekend–as well there should be–but I’m saving this post for the Navy wives, who keep the home fires burning while their sailors are gone. 

Being a Navy wife is pretty tough. Being a new (teen) mother 1500 miles away from family is pretty tough. Here are 5 things I learned during those Navy years.

1. Navy wives stick closer than a sister. When it’s 11:00 at night and you just used your last diaper you don’t call Ghost Busters, you call your bestie next door. Nothing bonds you to complete strangers like little kids and 9 months without your man. I still talk to my friends from this time in marriage–even though it’s been over 20 years.

2. The commissary rocks. It’s one of the perks–you can get a lot of food for less there, and sometimes it’s just good to get out and see people. Do go see people, please. It gives you a whole new perspective and can help lift the gloom for a bit.

3. Communication with your man matters. If you can’t talk or Skype, emails and good old fashioned letters go a long way to keep those stretched family ties intact.

4. A picture says MORE than 1000 words. You can never send enough pictures to your hubby when he’s deployed. Even the most mundane shots of you cooking dinner can go a long way to make a dent in the homesickness.

5. Make room for Daddy. It’s hard to give up control of anything when you’ve been running it your way for several months, but there’s always a happy medium. You don’t have to do all, be all anymore, because at least for now, your man is home! 

Thank you Navy wives. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. 

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