So you think you can’t be a hostess…

Jenny is one of the best hostesses I know. Such good advice from a pro!

all things messy...


So your friends are all talking about how they want to get together, and how much fun it would be to just have dinner together, relax and laugh for a while…but nobody is offering their home to do it in. Do you:

A.  Fumble nervously in your purse and grin and bear the awkward silence until somebody else offers their house first


B.  Offer to have everyone at your house…and then maybe freak out

Does hosting gatherings at your house stress you out?  Does the thought of having people over for dinner make you feel nauseous? Well, fear no more! With a few simple steps (and possibly an anti-anxiety medicine or a drink), you can do this and feel totally prepared and at ease when your guests arrive, promise!

Let me start off first by saying that I think the reason that people get so worried and stressed out…

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2 thoughts on “So you think you can’t be a hostess…

  1. Dude. I love to have people over! It gives me a real reason to clean! No, seriously.
    And, just so you know- I’ve been told my house feels like “grandma’s” which makes me feel pretty good- since I am a grandma. Wait. Maybe that was actually an insult! Oh, bother! Wine!!! Maybe I need more wine! We all need more wine.


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