For the good of the team.

Words cannot express how much I love this post.


I have been a card-carrying member of Team Chunk (thank you, Crunk and Disorderly for the term) most of my adult life. I know why I’m fat—I like to eat and I hate to exercise. Eating is fun and exercising is sweaty.

However, I have some questions, comments, and concerns for my fellow team members. Let’s huddle.

1.) Feel free to cut thin people off mid-sentence when they try to give you (unsolicited) advice on diet and exercise. Why? Because there isn’t a fat person alive that doesn’t know the ins and outs of every single diet and exercise program there is. For example: I have tried Weight Watchers several times. I know WW works for me and honey, I know that points system in and out. So why am I still fat? Because I don’t stick with it. Do you know how many Chunk team members have the P-90x…

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