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Everybody needs their own Jennifer Kennah…the crafty, funny, creative friend. I’m too tired for crafts, so I just admire Jenny’s. Please enjoy her guest post from her blog, “All Things Messy” at

Hello there sweet blogger friends!  I want to thank Tina for inviting me here today to share with you, isn’t she the best?!

I hope you’re getting into the spirit of summer and all of the vacation planning has begun, but don’t forget that summer is also the perfect time to do some of those craft projects that have been on hold the last few months!


You don’t have any craft project ideas right now?

Well, worry no longer, here’s a quick list of some easy DIY’s that will have you feeling accomplished and will hopefully get you to relax a bit and enjoy the season!


1.  Fresh Fruit Bin – This one is just too cute, and with all the new fruits and veggies that we’re getting every week from, we are in desperate need of some counter storage (and if it can be cute too, I’m all in!).  This is as simple as a few 2” x 4” ‘s, nails, hammer and 2 chalkboard signs (which could be printed in any color chalk paint, the possibilities are endless).  You could even customize the size on this project to fit any space that you had on your counter!


2.  Chandelier Planter – This chandelier planter is the best use of those old, ugly 90’s light fixtures that you can find at Goodwill, the Restore, or any other second hand shop you might have in town.  If you’ve never been to your local restore, they are a treasure!  They are a place where people (mostly contractors) donate items that are pulled out of houses being remodeled, they are a treasure trove and their prices are great!  This planter would look pretty hanging on the deck for all the neighbors to envy, and just think of all of the colors you could spray paint it!


3.  Garden Rock Markers – This project is one that is not going to be for me (I tried gardening once, never were plants murdered so quickly!), it’s for my cute gardening/chicken loving friend Tasha. You could  use markers or paint pens to personalize this which makes for no mess and quick cleanup. Quick, cheap afternoon project – my favorite kind!


4.  Book Club Tote – This bag is hilarious!  It’s so easy to buy a canvas bag from your local supply store and just use fabric markers/iron ons/sew on flowers/sharpies to decorate it and personalize it for you or a friend!  When you use an oversized bag like the one in the picture it makes for a perfect beach bag! Again, a quick evening/afternoon project you could sit down and decorate with friends over coffee!


5.  “Be our guest” sign – We recently have a vacant room in our house since our daughter moved out (and finally took all her “stuff” with her), so now we have a guest room!  You could use

2” x 4” ‘s again (like in the first project), or you could do what the rest of the free world is doing right now and just find you a pallet and stencil and start painting.  I like projects like these because they are completely customizable in color and wording, make it yours!


6.  Wine Bottle Bird Feeder – This is such a cute gift for the wine enthusiast in your life (and just in case you don’t have one of those in your life, I would LOVE to fill that gap and be that friend for you), it would look so pretty hanging in the backyard!  If you need a saucer for the bottom, again, you can go to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and get one for under $1, I love cheap projects! Plus, if you don’t have an empty wine bottle laying around, I bet you can find a few friends to help you empty one pretty quick.


7.  Monogram Cooler – I’ve seen these all over Pinterest lately, and they are just so adorable!  There are companies out there that would love to do this for you if crafting is just not your “thing”, otherwise this is a great way to be proud to bring your cooler to the next campout!  Don’t forget, if you want to get a monogram/wording for it in vinyl, you can always go on Etsy and order it from a store there, customized to your specifications.  It’s very inexpensive now days to get the vinyl done for you, close to $5 plus shipping.  Use your creativity on this one, and google some other pictures of customized coolers to get some ideas!

This is just a sampling of some great summer craft projects, there are so many more ideas out there on Pinterest.  What are some projects that you think would be great?  Do you have any plans for projects you’re going to work on this summer?  

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