7 Free (or Nearly Free) Fun Family Activities

Want to have fun but finding yourself low on funds? Don’t worry. There’s free fun aplenty, my friend. You just have to know where to look!

1. Visit your library. Sure there’s plenty of books, but don’t forget they also have magazines, audio books and movies. Sometimes just getting the kids out of the house is half the fun.
2. Pack a picnic and go to a new park. Bring jump ropes, sidewalk chalk or a kite. Bring your dog too. Teach your kid the cloud shapes game.
3. Check out the local movie theatre. Sometimes in the summer they offer $1 kids movies.
4. Run through the sprinkler. Have relay races. Remember how much fun that is?
5. Do a back yard campout. Don’t have a tent? Go Survivor style–tie a sheet over the clothesline or between 2 trees…or just lie in your sleeping bags under the stars. Point out the constellations with your free book–the one you checked out from the library. You won’t spend much money, but you’ll build some memories.
6. Show your kid the miracle of sun tea. It never fails to impress kids 9 and under.
7. Go to a farmer’s market a little later in the day. Sellers are more likely to cut their prices and you’ll get a good deal.
So go, get out of the house and away from the X-Box. You’ll be glad you did.


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