You put the lime in the coconut…

Princess Pinterest has another great recipe for me to try!

all things messy...

186459892In the theme of Foodie Friday’s “coconut” lesson, I thought I’d make a few “Pinteresty” (is that a word?  I’m pretty sure it’s a verb now) recipes that I’ve been drooling over lately…and they turned out great! Both of them!  This must be some kind of record or something (for me at least).

The first one I made is the Chocolate Covered Coconut bars from “Art and the Kitchen”, and these were SO easy to make (click here for the post where I was talking about these), pure genius!  The combination of chocolate and healthy is a win/win for me every time! Four ingredients (it was my first time using unsweetened coconut, very different), went together very easy, can’t say enough about how happy my hubby will be to be snacking on these!

Did you ever have one of those days where the stars converge and you’re alone in the…

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