Mancub and Watergirl: Where it all began…


I refer to my teenaged son as Mancub–I have for a couple of years now, since he started (and hasn’t stopped) growing and is now currently 6’4 MAN who, since he is only 15–still a cub. Get it? Which easily makes me Mama Bear, which also fits.

When Mancub fell in love, I was thinking about it and it totally made sense. Watergirl! Who can resist? She’s pretty, sweet, a hard worker, and captivated Mancub with her very first blink.

They have been together for almost 10 months now, which you know in teen years is pretty long. Heck, for some adults that’s pretty long. They are super cute together and very best friends.

It’s with a breaking heart that I share this with you. Watergirl is moving away. And not just to Longview but to a little town outside of Seattle. Her sweet family are taking on a church plant up there and really feel that God is calling them. Understandably both Watergirl and Mancub are struggling with what this all means. I know I’m struggling to know how to help him get through it, and it’s heartbreaking for all those involved.

Is it crazy to say that I’m almost as sad as they are? It’s true. The brief interactions I’ve had with Watergirl’s family have been only positive–and no matter what they are having to deal with they handle it with prayer and a grateful heart. It’s true that though I don’t know them very well, I have been inspired by their spiritual walk–and they have had some pretty tough trials. I have to think it’s pretty unusual for a teenage boy’s mom to like her son’s girlfriend as much as I do. I’ve even had brief thoughts of trying to keep her and letting her move in with us, like Roseanne let David move in. I know that’s not going to happen, but I just want you to know how sweet this little girl is. If Watergirl is any indication of the deep faith I see there, then all I can say is that family is the real deal.

So, so sorry to see you leave, Watergirl. Please visit Mancub (and me) soon.


Your Mancub’s Mama.

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