Help! I need meal prep in my life!

Need some help with meal organization during the week?

all things messy...

refrigeratorI don’t know about you guys, but summer is BUSY! I feel like I’m the cruise director of summer fun, and it is wearing me out!  Because of this crazy schedule, I’m eating out a LOT and it’s not only costing more money, it’s also making me feel horrible!  If I can stick to a regimen of good, healthy food then I feel so much better, and I feel better at what my family is eating. A friend of mine put this picture on Facebook and that was all it took, I had refrigerator envy and I needed to change my ways!

So, in lieu of that nonsense in my life this week, I realized that I seriously need to prep my food  better (like in the old days when we first started eating healthier), and to prep it better I needed to learn a few things about weekly meal…

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