Foodie Friday!

I wouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t love enchiladas. There’s something not right about that. My friend Christy makes a good batch!

all things messy...

Hello there foodie friends! Around here it’s been a Pinterest kind of cooking week! The last two weeks around here have been SO CRAZY that I’ve barely made 2 home cooked meals!  That is really not like me to eat out so much, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time off from the kitchen.

But, we can’t live like that all the time, can we? This week I’ve already started off by making one of our non-healthy stand by recipes – Chili Enchiladas.  This recipe came to me by my good friend Christi, but has since been loved by everyone that’s had it! It’s so simple, even the beginning chef will have no problem throwing this together in 20 minutes.  But, be forewarned, anything that has canned chili in it is not on a clean eating list by any means (but every once in a while you have to remind…

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