Conquering fear…and other brave things

Do you struggle with overcoming fear? Read this blog written by my sweet friend Jennifer. She’s kind of awesome.

all things messy...

489430555If you know me or have been following me on this blog very long, you know that this has been my year for getting out of my comfort zone and trying things that scare me (good things, nothing like jumping into a vat of spiders or something).  This might sound dumb to some of you, but yesterday I conquered another fear..I went down a water slide.  

Like I said, this is nothing big to most of you, but I grew up with a Mom who can’t swim well, so water parks were not places that we frequented – in fact last year was my first water park experience!  With my Mom’s fear of water and my fear of just – putting myself in harms way at all – water slides have always been something that I have avoided at all costs.

When I started up the FIRST flight of…

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