Top 5 Tuesday! My Top 5 Places to Eat in Tyler, Texas

all things messy...

photoHello out there people, it’s “Top 5 Tuesday” again!  I was trying to think of a good topic for this week, and since food was on my mind at the moment, why not my personal top 5 places to eat here in my hometown of Tyler, Texas?!  Of course, we all know that good food is a little bit relative in that everyone has their own personal tastes, but here’s what I think are the best ones that I’ve been to (there are a few out there that I haven’t gotten to yet)!

#5 – Chris & Sam’s Bar & Grill – I actually haven’t been here yet (crazy enough), but someone told me about their menu and I am hooked!  They are a husband and wife with a team with a cooking background who decided to take a leap of faith and start a restaurant.  They are a little…

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