Just one of those parenting days…

Preach it, sister!

all things messy...

crazy housewife Photo courtesy of reallifetravels.com

Hello friends!  So ya, it’s for sure one of those parenting days when I start to question why God even wanted us to have offspring.  And even if He wanted us to have them, why did I want them myself?  They insist on eating 3 times a day.  They never take into consideration how brilliant you are when you give them advice.  They can’t read the look on your face to know when you’ve had ENOUGH.  Think of how much easier life would be without having to tell little crazy people what to do all day long??  Seriously, I have repeated myself so much over the last 20 years that I should get some kind of “most repeated statements in a lifetime” award (synonymous with getting the “she has totally lost her marbles” award).  Insert crazy scream/cry here.

My most commonly repeated phrases are:

  • Brush your…

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