I Know What the Moon Knows


I know what the moon knows

In the frozen night

When the wind mourns through the trees

She holds her secret tight

I know what the moon knows

Behind her clever smile

She fails to hide behind her glow

Within her maiden wiles

I know what the moon knows

Though she will never tell

She thinks her grief perpetual

Behind her tidal swell

I know what the moon knows

Grief is only for the night

For when the sun ignites the sky

She must concede the fight

I know what the moon knows

When the gloaming is anew

Though mourning last a hundred years

Joy will yet break through

3 thoughts on “I Know What the Moon Knows

  1. Tina, your poetry amazes and delights me! And I’m picky! I am going to start a folder to save some of these, like this one and the dirt poem. (Not to mention your awesome Europe pictures. Then there are your tantalizing recipes and your wonderful book. Is there anything you can’t do???)


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