When your kid isn’t getting the awards

Wonderful, relevant piece by my writer friend and mom extraordinaire Jennifer.

all things messy...

picture of a small kid winning a trophy, over white

Hello out there!  If you have any friends on Facebook or social media at all (of which I’m more than sure that you do), then I’m positive that you’ve seen their cute little kids with their end of year awards and some very proud parents!  And they should be proud! If you have kids, then you know the blood, sweat and tears (literally sometimes) that it takes to get that kid through each year of school.  Especially when they’re younger, you have to remind them about their homework, fix their lunches – even sit down and DO their homework with them.  As they get older, they SHOULD be able to do more on their own – making their own lunches, remembering to do their homework (alone), and working hard towards those good grades.

I look at the posts my friends make of their kids – from toddler to teen –…

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