2 thoughts on “On Panic Attacks and Terror

  1. Oh yes! I had them (not often) for years and had no idea what they were. Before I ever heard of affirmations , I created my own, which often helped – like a mantra, I guess. In recent years, they are associated with pressure situations – taking trips, chorale concerts, etc. Finally asked my MD for a beta blocker for “rapid heart rate” – huge help! In the bad old days. I’d feel my heart rate increase, get that cold sweat, and THEN get scared of having a panic attack. I know now that I am usually weary and worn down, for them to be “attacking.”


  2. Stress of any kind, terror, anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. is the number one killer in America. People are too embarrassed to go to the doctor and say “gee doc I just feel like I used to..” I have periods of time when I feel sad and lonely and the doctor told me I needed to take some medication to help with the grieving process because if you don’t take care or those things that cause depression the next thing in line is dementia and then onto to loosing yourself within yourself. Scary isn’t it. But know that God is with you always and He will never forsake you. So if you have given yourself to Jesus, He and the other two will make sure everything comes out the way He wants and in His time. Thank Him, Praise Him and most of all Love Him and others. You don’t have to like what they do but you love them because God made them.I love you and if you need to talk, cry, whine, or whatever you know where I am at.


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