About Tina Bausinger

I’m a Southern mom (notice I did not say Southern belle) who loves writing, family, cooking, teaching and my home. I’m a Jesus follower who fails often. My favorite things include a combination of the above. That makes me a happy girl.

My current project is a humorous look at parenting (especially teens) called Teen Speak: A Translation for Beginners. Are you looking for another book on child psychology by a renowned neuroscientist? Because this isn’t that one. This is more of a get your hands dirty, desperate fight to the finish line kind of book. Sort of a Roseanne meets Erma Bombeck on their trip to the loony bin.

Having raised two Water Girls and still raising my Mancub, I warmly say: welcome to the jungle! It’s hot in here, but come on in…the water’s fine! Ignore the anacondas–they only bite every other Tuesday.

If you would like to talk to me about a book signing or speaking at your event, contact me at tinaboss71@yahoo.com.

I’m a mom, a wife of 24 years, a scholar, a writer, a poet, a public speaker and an English professor. I’m an award-winning writer and have published in several venues, including IN Magazine and Chicken Soup for the Soul, and I devour both books and coffee and unnatural volumes–they really don’t stand a chance. I love to cook good southern dishes that fill the stomach and warm the soul. I’ve been a speaker for the Dallas Fort Worth Writers Conference, NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) in Austin, The South Central Writing Centers Association Conference in Corpus Christi, and the Keynote Speaker for the Sigma Kappa Delta Induction Ceremony at Tyler Junior College.

Here’s the link for the USA Today article:


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2 thoughts on “About Tina Bausinger

  1. My husband, Jack, is your Aunt Sandi’s cousin. So glad to read your blog. Right on about her. I loved Aunt Dolly, Sandi’s mom, equally as much fun. I’ll never forget the first time she introduced me to real Mexican food at a school fair where Aunt Pat was the principal. Wow, fantastic taste, but blew my head off.


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